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Volcano Consulting, LLC no longer accepts checks or ACH for payment. As of May 1, 2019, all payment agreements will require a credit card authorization form on file.

Payment agreements are only made for invoices totaling over $1,200.00.

Need to Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form?

Make Payments Effortless for Us All

Signing a Contract
  • Click the button below to complete your new authorization form so we can get started on your project or;

  • Click here if you are entering into a new agreement and would like to reauthorize a card we already have on file.


  • Do not make payments without an invoice unless otherwise agreed upon. 

  • Payments are non-refundable.

Apply for Paypal Credit

I Need a Payment Plan to Become a Community Health Worker

Payment Plans Available for Education and Training Services

Signing a Contract
Get on a Payment Plan

I Need a Payment Plan to Attend CHIMES (Capacity-Building for Health-Based Initiatives and Ministries with EHE Enhanced Strategies).

Signing a Contract

Click this option to pay for CHIMES, a program administered by Inspiration and Change, Inc. (our affiliate).

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