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In partnership with Florida Department of Health and Inspiration and Change, Inc., Volcano Consulting, LLC is implementing the Central Florida Faith-Based Ending the HIV Epidemic Initiative. We want to remind our community leaders that we still have an HIV epidemic that unevenly affects our Black and Brown community members.


We are asking for your time to talk to you about what we are doing, to give you valuable information, and to have an ongoing discussion with local churches, congregants, religious groups, health ministries, Bible study groups, and/or other religious and spiritual leadership. These opportunities are open to all denominations and structures.


Given the opportunity, we will briefly discuss the current state of HIV in our local community and then ask for your feedback on how we can reduce HIV. We will ask that you share any of your needs with us, as they relate to improving the health of your members and community.  We will leave you with resources that will help you carry the torch, continuing the messaging in your congregation and community. We will continue to be available to support you, as needed. 


At the very least, we ask that you share this information with your colleagues and anyone else you think may be willing to become a part of the solution to end HIV.


Thank you for reading and sharing! 


Call or Text: 407.964.1056

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