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Module Details

Module One Lessons


  1. Welcome

  2. Learning Objectives

  3. Grant Readiness_Capacity: If you are a beginner, watch this first!

  4. Grant Readiness_Capacity: Are you ready for a grant?

  5. Once You Are Grant Ready...

  6. What Is a Grant?

  7. Technical Writing

  8. Characteristics of a Grant Writer

  9. Keep in Mind...Some Encouragement

  10. Types of Funding

  11. Grant Writing Toolkit

  12. Finding Grants

  13. Tips for Googling for Grants

  14. Read It All_Follow Instructions

  15. A Grant's Voice

  16. Acronyms and Abbreviations

  17. Submitting Your Completed Grant Proposal

  18. Grant Evaluation Criteria

  19. After Submission_Notice of Award

  20. Understanding Grant Scoring and Review

  21. Your Proposal: 5Ws

  22. Program Focus

  23. Program Design Components for Beginners

  24. Program Design Worksheet Instructions

Module Two Lessons

  1. Typical Grant Components Intro

  2. Typical Grant Components: Intro to Organizational Capacity 

  3. Organizational_Management Capacity Example Background

  4. Organizational/Management Capacity Example

  5. Activity Instructions: Organizational Management Capacity

  6. Problem_Needs Statement Intro

  7. Finding Reliable Information

  8. Using Info and Data

  9. Evidence vs Anecdote

  10. Problem Needs Statement Example

  11. Program Design 

  12. Program Design: MAP IT

  13. Logic Model Basics

  14. Program Setting

  15. Program Recruitment

  16. Program Retention

  17. Goals and Objectives Intro

  18. What are S.M.A.R.T Goals and Objectives?

  19. Goals and Objectives_S.M.A.R.T

  20. S.M.A.R.T Example

Module Three Lessons

  1. Typical Grant Components: Key Personnel

  2. Organizational v/s Program Chart

  3. FTE Calculation

  4. Typical Grant Components: Evaluation 

  5. Performance Measures

  6. Your Budget and Narrative/Rationale

  7. References Cited

  8. Appendices

  9. Supporting Documents 

  10. Other Writing Tips

  11. MOUs and LOSs

  12. Typical Grant Components: Sustainability

  13. Nonprofit Storytelling

  14. Other Writing Tips


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Volcano Consulting, LLC complies with the ethical standards set forth by the Grant Professionals Association and other regulatory associations or entities.  Therefore we will not accept a percentage of a grant award as compensation for grant writing or any services related to grant submission.  Payment for grant-writing services must be paid in advance of proposal submission.