Community Health Worker Training Course

Volcano Consulting, LLC is an approved provider for the Florida Certification Board's (FCB) Certified Community Health Worker designation. The 50-hour course is scheduled once per quarter (four times per year). An additional four weeks are allotted to complete the 18-hour practical. Each graduate will receive a certificate of completion which can be submitted to FCB to apply for the certification exam. Tuition: $1,399.00. Additional information.


Payment options are available. For more information click on the "additional information" link above or email

*Additional work or volunteer experience required for certification. See the full certification requirements here.

FCB Provider Number: 5411-A

How much do Community Health Workers make?



CHW Course Content

Take the training needed to sit for the State of Florida Certification test. This 50-hour course includes the following required 30-hour prerequisites:

  1. Communication and Education

  2. Resources

  3. Advocacy

  4. Foundations of Health

  5. Professional Responsibility

  6. Practical/Electives: 18 hours 

Phlebotomy Training


 Since 2015, Volcano Consulting, LLC has offered more than 10 phlebotomy trainings to HIV service organizations in Central and North Florida. These trainings have provided didactic and practical skills training in phlebotomy that enabled more than 100 HIV testing/counseling staff to begin drawing blood to obtain confirmatory testing samples. This skill allows for more accurate, coordinated, and timely HIV confirmatory testing.



Because Volcano Consulting, LLC does not operate a school of allied health or related services, this training can only be offered as paid training for businesses seeking the skills training for their staff. The training cannot be offered to individuals.  

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Phlebotomy Training Content

The phlebotomy training, offered as an organizational training only (not open to the public), requires a minimum of 16 hours of training. Training is typically capped at 20 trainees and may include two trainers. Groups of more than 20 trainees will require an additional trainer.  The goal of every training is for each attendee to obtain a minimum of five "live and successful sticks" at the end of each training.


Training is conducted using the following schedule:

  • A four-hour didactic live online training and;

  • A four hour didactic/practical in-person training using prosthetic arms

  • An 8-12 hour didactic/practical in-person training practicing "live sticks"


*It is highly recommended the above training sections be conducted on consecutive days to optimize skill-building.


Didactic Training will include:

  • Basic Handwashing

  • General Laboratory Rules and Safety

  • Basic Asepsis

  • Biohazard Disposal

  • Quality Controls

  • Universal Precautions

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Legal and Ethical Terminology

  • Blood and Vein Anatomy

  • Identifying Appropriate Needles and Tubes

  • Additives and Fill requirements

  • Factors Affecting Success/Errors

  • Patient Care and Identification

  • Centrifuging

  • Specimen Handling 

  • Common Terminology

  • A Certificate of Completion is provided to all trainees


Practical Sections Include:

  • Practice Phlebotomy (using prosthetic arms)

  • Practical Phlebotomy ("Live sticks" from fellow consenting trainees; requires trainer sign off of skill assessment before beginning "live sticks").


Pricing and Payment

General Pricing Information: 

  • $220/trainee and requires a minimum 15 trainees, up to 20 trainees

  • $265/trainee for each trainee above 20. No more than 25 attendees will be accepted. All training with more than 20 attendees will require two trainers.

  • Multiple trainings can be arranged if needed. 

  • Pricing does not include costs for travel and accommodations (if conducted more than 60 minutes from Sanford, FL)

  • Pricing includes all training materials, supplies, and documentation/handouts.

  • Because phlebotomy training requires specific supplies payment will be requested at least three weeks before your scheduled training start date.

  • Payments are non-refundable unless canceled by Voclano Consulting, LLC


Other Notable Information

Please arrange for payment of the training to come from one source designated as the fiscal sponsor for the training. If multiple entities intend to pay for the training all entities will need to determine who will be the designated payee. If separate receipts or invoices are needed, please arrange to obtain this documentation from the assigned fiscal agent who will receive invoices and receipts from Volcano Consulting, LLC


We will send documents that will need to be completed by the employer of all trainees and the trainees themselves. This documentation will provide us with information on your policies and contacts for injury reporting and worker's compensation coverage. Trainees will be asked to sign an acknowledgment stating they have been provided with that information from their employers as well. Organizations and/or attendees without this documentation on file prior to the training will be not be allowed to participate. 


At the beginning of the first in-person meeting, the roster will be checked and each attendee must be matched to a participating agency. Individuals not affiliated with an agency listed in the training agreement, will not be allowed to attend. Please do not invite individuals outside of your agency to the training. 


About the Trainers

Lead Trainer


Ronessa Strickland-Roberts, Owner and Principal Consultant and Volcano Consulting, LLC will be the lead trainer for all training. She has more than 10 years of public health experience and nearly 10 years of practical and administrative clinical experience. Ronessa was an Allied Health Instructor in a post-secondary setting for three years and is currently a Certified Allied Health Instructor.

Ronessa graduated from South University in 2001 with an A.S. Medical Assisting degree. She is a nationally certified Medical Assistant (CMA) soon after graduation; a designation authorized by the American Association of Medical Assistants.  Ronessa worked in private and public health care settings for the next decade utilizing her phlebotomy and clinical skills on an everyday basis. Ronessa estimates she has performed a minimum of 25,000 venipunctures during her work in medical assisting. Ronessa was previously an adjunct health science instructor for Orange County Public Schools Technical Education Programs, where she taught medical assisting (administrative and clinical skills), phlebotomy, and CPR/First Aid in compliance with state and national accreditation requirements. Ronessa first obtained HIV testing/counseling credentialing in Savannah, GA in 2004 and has maintained state-required HIV/testing counseling training in Florida, since moving to the state in 2008.

Ronessa went on to earn a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Public Health degree. Both these degree tracks focus heavily on pedagogy and educational instruction and training. In addition to operating Volcano Consulting, LLC she currently works full-time as a Public Health Administrator; a position which commands use of her instructional and training skills on a regular basis.


Secondary and Subsequent Trainers:


Volcano Consulting, LLC subcontracts several per diem phlebotomists who only work during scheduled phlebotomy trainings. These trainers have been or will be vetted and proof of all legal designation and/or experience will be obtained by Volcano Consulting prior to your scheduled training. All trainers meet prior to each training to ensure your training is conducted in compliance with state laws, to ensure trainers understand and accept Volcano Consulting, LLC policies and procedures, have appropriate insurance coverages, and to ensure consistency in instructional delivery, training styles, and skill assessments

Other Allied Health Training

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