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Available Online

Grant Review/Editing (up to 5 pages)

The price you see is a base price.

  • 30 minutes
  • 179 US dollars
  • Call in using the Zoom phone number in your email. No video.

Service Description

Want an extra pair of eyes on your grant before you submit it? Send your finished document to us! What is included: 1) We will review your Word document and use track changes to make comments on the content of your document as we compare them to the grant instructions. We will request that you send your questions and responses from the application in a Word file. Other methods are more time consuming and costly. 2) We will make minor changes to the text your document. This may include rewording a sentence, correcting grammar or punctuation, for example. 3) We will look at the context of your writing to determine if you have provided the information requested in the grant instructions completely. We will be sure your answers are direct and clear. We will not write any portion of your proposal or application. We are strictly reviewing and critiquing what you have written. We will request your completed application or proposal be submitted at once. Incomplete applications or proposals will only be reviewed once and subsequent reviewing of sections completed after the initial review will be priced separately. If you only want certain sections reviewed, that is acceptable if they are all sent at one time, in one document. Payment is full cost for a proposal of up to 5 pages. A consultation call required to determine any additional costs, if any. You may pay at any time for up to five pages, HOWEVER, you must immediately schedule a consultation call as well. Otherwise, you may pay after the consultation call. Page limits and service applies to the ENTIRE written portion of your proposal and do not include a review of organizational budgets, attachments, appendices, or other grant-related documents. Although we may review these items to confirm the content in the proposal are complete, we will not critique them since we have not been privileged to your detailed organizational information or data. You must send or upload the RFP or grant instructions (either the document or direct link) AT LEAST seven (7) days prior to your appointment. Typical turnaround time is 7-10 days but the final delivery date will be determined upon consultation.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments are subject to availability. Bookings that require a completed questionnaire are not considered confirmed without the completion of the related questionnaire. Please be sure to use the link at the end of your questionnaire to complete your booking. Although we strive to always keep your original booking, we reserve the right to reschedule bookings made via In such a case, we will work with you to reschedule during a time that works for you.

Contact Details

+ 4079045995

Virtual/Remote Sanford, FL, USA

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